Django SQLite Backup

May 29, 2023 | Tags: Django python sqlite AWS

SQLite is a great database. It is embeddable, very portable and great for read-only applications. However, since it is stored in a single file, it can be hard to manage it in production environments with ephemeral file systems as you will need another process to back it up for you. Sometimes, you do not have access to the file system directly, see Heroku or Render, for example.

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First ever blog post!

Aug. 21, 2021 | Tags: python django sqlite

For a while I have been wanting to have a blog to be able to share things I learn during my webdev journey. Creating a website and deploying it was one of the first steps in that direction back in 2019, before I joined Red Points. It was a very simple (well, still is) flask website with jinja2 templates and some data passed for the urls and so on. After I learned Django at Shalion, I decided to move from Flask to Django to have more capabilities moving forward and since I really like Django it was a perfect way to be able to have a small project to test packages and so on.

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