This Website Is Now On Render!

Published on April 9, 2023 | Tags: render deploy

After Heroku removed its free tier in November last year, I started getting overcharged for services I was not using. So, few days ago, I decided to stop using heroku.

I also had an RDS instance in AWS and a CDN over there. All in all a complex system for something that should not be, plus Inwas vastly overpaying for it.

So decided to look for an alternative. I had eyes on remder for a while and decided to try it out. And it blew my expectations. You can define the whole stack in a single yaml file through blueprints with a nice free tier to try and set it all up and so far so good!

Check out the render definition for the stack: render.yaml

Had to do some changes to the django app: adding back whitenoise and separate the build and run steps.

In the end, a very nice experience which I would definitely recommend for small projects as the setuo is fairly simple and the docs are excellent.

Changes to prepare for render

Ferran Jovell