First Ever Blog Post!

Published on Aug. 21, 2021 | Tags: python django sqlite

For a while I have been wanting to have a blog to be able to share things I learn during my webdev journey. Creating a website and deploying it was one of the first steps in that direction back in 2019, before I joined Red Points. It was a very simple (well, still is) flask website with jinja2 templates and some data passed for the urls and so on. After I learned Django at Shalion, I decided to move from Flask to Django to have more capabilities moving forward and since I really like Django it was a perfect way to be able to have a small project to test packages and so on.

I was hosting my website on a VM running Docker with docker-compose and it worked pretty well for what I needed it to do. However, it was a lot of work I did not want to do to automate deployments and so on so a couple weeks ago I decided to move it to Heroku. And even though I do not have the flexibility of a VM I can customise however I want, there are some workarounds and overall I think it's a much better way to manage something this small for a relatively small fee.

And today, at the time of writing, I took the first step into creating the blog. I created a small CLI tool to create new blog posts and it's so simple yet so useful as it will create the files in a way that they will be sortable very easily and the idea is to use this tool to create a sqlite database which will be rebuilt every time this website is deployed being able to leverage all the features of a database without the burden of maintaining (and paying) for a database instance somewhere. Maybe this will change in the future, but for now seems the best way for handling this small scale website.

Ferran Jovell